Sporting events

On the base of Klitschko Expo you can conduct awards, presentations, meetings with athletes, including weighing. We have extensive experience in each of these activities. We have all the necessary equipment and technical stuff. Also the possibility of online broadcasting will open additional opportunities for the organizers.
At weigh-in we will provide increased safety. We understand the importance of the event, and we will apply all our efforts for this.
In the hall there is a laser projector, plasma and a good sound system. They will help to emphasize the magnitude and significance of weighing. Additional zoning of the hall will help to divide the visitors audience. There are places for journalists who will leave a good response after the event. The style of the room is imbued with a spirit of competition, and the Klichko Brothers Museum motivates anyone to make new achievements. A large terrace and the rest zone will help to relax after a stress on the weighing. Convenient location Klitschko Expo in the city center, will attract more attention. A very convenient traffic intersection and a large parking with video surveillance will make our stay unconcerned. If you want to carry out a weigh-in at the Klitschko Expo, we guarantee the highest quality and safety of the event.

Separate zones with corner sofas can be used additionally as express-meeting rooms.

Capacity – up to 300 people
Plasma panels
Wireless microphones
Zoned lighting system
Coffee-break terrace
Online video communication
Parking place for 200 cars
Zoning space