Klitschko Expo is a place where you can conduct fascinating lectures. Our halls can accommodate a huge number of people, and the atmosphere will help to concentrate on the right material.
Projectors, plasma, and all the necessary equipment will help to present the necessary material by well-known lecturers. Now the lectures are very popular. After analyzing the popular Western lectures, we have prepared everything that is needed to conduct a good lecture.
The capacity of the hall is 300 people, this is one of the largest lecture halls in Kiev. The zoning system of the hall will help to divide the lecture into parts.
A good lecture is not only a recipe of the lecturer’s success, but also an atmosphere when listeners can concentrate on the presented material. In order for the information to be correctly perceived, it is necessary to make coffee breaks. We provide this opportunity and complement the terrace, where you can relax and comprehend the laid out material.
Klitschko Expo is located right in the city center, which will make the lecture more accessible. There is a large parking lot, it is equipped with video cameras, so that you would not be distracted by anything from the event. We guarantee security at the large-scale events.
The popularity of the Klitschko Expo will add visitors to your event, and the Klichko brothers museum will add extra interest to the lecture.

Separate zones with corner sofas can be used additionally as express-meeting rooms.

Capacity – up to 300 people
Plasma panels
Wireless microphones
Zoned lighting system
Coffee-break terrace
Online video communication
Parking place for 200 cars
Zoning space